Payment Solutions

A trusted enterprise platform that will get you to market and pay to 185 countries over the world, quicker and inexpensive. Whether you’re a small business managing a growing supply chain and roster of partners or a multinational looking to keep up with real-time demands, our web-based platform or integrated payment solutions can support all your needs.

Take cross-border transactions to the next level.


CApay pay functionality gives you choice and control over your domestic and international payments.

  • CApay allows you to pay 37 currencies to 185 countries
  • Multi-level Authorisation to set your limits
  • Priority payment charge to manage your payment’s intermediary bank charges
  • Bulk upload to handle thousands conversions and payment in one go
  • End-to-end Payment Tracking with transparency


FX Conversions with real-time FX Rates. Convert money at an agreed rate and manage settlements to your CApay Account.

  • Place FX Limit Orders to wait for your desirable Rates to convert
  • Use your CAFX Credit Limits to lock in Forward Rate for future Conversion 


Expand your payment capabilities with services that help you to collect currency abroad.  Multiple local currency accounts in  AUD, USD, CNH, EUR, CAD, JPY, SGD, HKD…etc;

  • Multi-currency collect through CAPAY E-Wallet in 34 countries​
  • Multi-currency receipt
  • SWIFT Collections


Multi-currency CAPAY E-Wallet in 34 countries

  • Real-time Beneficiary Validation and AML/CTF Verification
  • Two-factor Authentication (2FA) to keep you safe
  • Confirmation and Statement one click-away
  • Using CAFX FX Hedging Tools, forward and options for FX Risk Management
  • Only available to wholesale clients.