• The volatile FX market could be a big concern to importers and exporters, putting their profit margin at risk.


Leveraging CAPAY system, providing global B2B payments with convenience and efficiency.

Providing tailor-made FX Risk Management solutions to wholesale clients such as SMEs and Corporates.

IntelliFX® is a system AI recommendation to  wholesale clients how they can and how they should should hedge their FX risks accordingly.

  • Concern about getting charged with excessive fees and margin in particular with overseas payments.
  • Cross Border payments could be inefficient via existing providers, especially with collection of funds from overseas.


Providing infrastructure and much needed IT systems on Global Payments, including both Cross-border and Domestic Payments with Bulk Payments Function.

Supporting API connection to e-commerce market places and other partners for integration and white label.

  • Funding from Banks or non Bank FI for trade related transactions could be difficult and expensive whilst the services provided are unsatisfactory.


Providing cash flow solutions to SMEs and Corporates.

We provide 30 days of trade finance on a secured and unsecured basis.

Leveraging CAPAY system for automating funding, outgoing payments, and credit limit management.

Allowing CAFX clients to settle their cross-border payments via drawing down CAFIN limits, and to pay out domestic currency using CAPAY system.

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